• Soccer Stallions

    Soccer Stallions

    “Soccer Stallions Sports Academy L.L.C” is a leading sports provider for the Early Years. As a company we understand the awesome great leaps that children make between the ages of 2-5. Paying attention to physical literacy (fundamental movement skills such as running, hoping, throwing, catching, and jumping) early in life can support the development of a strong healthy brain and body, giving children the confidence to take part in sport, dance and games, that will last a lifetime. With this in mind we have carefully designed all our Early Years Sports Programmes in line with physical literacy standards.


  • Music and Movement

    Music and Movement

    Children naturally enjoy music, feeling the vibe both physically and emotionally. Music and Movement develops social skills, improves balance, coordination, movement, position, rhythm and listening skills. It is highly recommended for every little boy and girl to join in with music and movement learning about changes in tempo or pitch and enhancing self-confidence by sharing music and dance with other.

    Every Sunday from 12.30pm to 1pm 10 classes 650 AED


  •  Tiny Tennis

    Tiny Tennis

    Inspiring pre-schoolers to get active and learn to play a fun fantastic game of tennis. Teaching essential tennis skills, developing hand-eye co-ordination, court movement and ball-striking (Gross Motor Control), drop shots and angle volleys (Fine Motor Control), and balance and body co-ordination, whilst building acceleration, speed, leg strength, agility and flexibility.

    Every Monday from 12.30pm to 1pm 10 classes 650 AED

  • Ballet


    Ballet dancers have one thing in common; a love of the grace, beauty, and discipline of ballet. Ballet is based on techniques that have been developed over centuries, using music, and dance, physical and facial expressions to tell stories. Children will learn posture, alignment, turnout, port de bras and the basics of form and execution of movement.

    Every Tuesday  from 12.30pm to 1 pm 10 classes 650 AED

  • Gymnastics


    Our Gymnastics activities have been designed to help your child channel all that energy and reach developmental milestones. Greater strength, flexibility and coordination through gymnastics and early s        ports skills. With a healthy dose of brain boosting power, spatial and perceptual awareness, mastery of colours and numbers, imagination and development.

    Every Wednesday from 12.30pm to 1pm 10 classes 650 AED

  • Football


    The children will be having so much fun that they won’t realize they’re playing the beautiful game. Football develops numerous skills including running, side stepping, kicking, jumping, rhythm, dribbling, shooting, control, and balance as well as learning sportsmanship and fair play.

    Every Thursday from 12.30pm to 1 pm 10 classes 650 AED