At Horizon Kids Nursery we recognise the unique bond between mummy and baby. We therefore welcome you to assist settling your baby into our care through a range of play dates and settling-in sessions that foster open communication and trust. It is important to us that the transition from home to nursery is smooth, building effective parent relationships from that very first visit. 
Babies from two months are cared for by our qualified nurse and trained baby unit team. Our baby unit is a happy, homely balance promoting a warm, cosy yet bright and stimulating environment. The areas are safely defined to allow little ones space to snuggle and be nurtured, and also sit, crawl and take those first important steps. We follow your home routine for feeding, snack and sleep times.

About Us

Our activities are exciting and encourage your baby’s early learning and development. Your baby will take part in stories, singing and sensory baskets as they explore and interact with their environment, learning through play. As baby grows they will play in sand and water, paint and create art ‘masterpieces’, use chunky puzzles and begin to relate their experiences in the home corner, using new language to make those first pretend phone calls!