Horizon Kids Nursery is passionate about quality provision in the early years. We recognize that children grow and develop differently and we support each child based on their individual needs and requirements. We champion equality and diversity and promote the unique and individual contribution of each and every child. British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum is delivered by trained Early Years Teachers, supported by trained Teaching Assistants, Class room Assistants, Nurses and Housekeepers.

Horizon Kids Nursery equips children with knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence, and helps them to overcome any challenges in a warm and friendly environment. The nursery builds positive relationships with parents in order to work in partnership with them. We encourage parents’ participation in daily routines and special events.

Extra-curricular activities are given equal importance as the structured curriculum. Valuable space has been assigned to activity rooms - Arts Room, Sensory Room, Gym, Indoor Play Area and Library. There is also extensive outdoor play equipment and we promote the development and sustainability of the natural environment through our gardening projects. Horizon Kids Nursery offers parents the opportunity to extend their children’s session by utilizing our extra activity program. This includes ballet, gymnastics, football, tennis, yoga and music and movement. These activities have been chosen to support the holistic development of each child. For the youngest of our children, we have recently refurbished our baby unit providing a calm and homely atmosphere where babies are safe and stimulated in an age appropriate environment, cared for by a nurse.

We continuously strive to support children’s care, learning and play in a more personal way and look forward to welcoming your family to Horizon Kids Nursery.


Provide the highest quality learning for all our children through play and experience.


We are committed to working with children and families in ways that value the diversity of our community and provide a continually improving learning environment which enables children to develop to their full potential.


All children will thrive in our dedicated, nurturing and stimulating environment. We strongly believe in enabling young children to thrive in a learning and caring environment, encouraging parent partnership to optimise every child's development. We prepare children to enter school, encourage active learning and participation in family and community life.



Trust is at the heart of our nurseries. We encourage all our children to be open, honest and fair.


We recognise the value each individual brings. Everyone is different and deserves to be treated fairly and equally.


We promote self respect and respect for others. We take pride in caring for each other.

Well Being

While safety is our utmost priority we actively promote a happy healthy lifestyle.


We encourage all children to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities.