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Infant Care

Our Baby Unit cares for children from 2 months to around 20 months (or when the child is ready for new challenges). We focus on natural exploration and curiosity, using treasure baskets for a heuristic play experience. We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which starts from birth.  

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School Front

About Us

At Horizon Kids Nursery, we offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. Our curriculum is delivered by qualified Early Years Teachers, supported by trained Teaching Assistants, Class room Assistants, Nurses and Housekeepers.

Horizon Kids Nursery is passionate about quality provision in the early years. We recognise that children grow and develop differently and we support each child based on their individual needs and requirements.

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Our mission at Horizon Kids Nursery is to nurture children from babies through to FS1. To keep children safe within a range of stimulating environments that support, encourage and enable each child to actively lead their own learning experience, becoming confident, resilient and independent thinkers. Read More>>

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Extra Curricular Activities

Soccer Stallions

Soccer Stallions

“Soccer Stallions Sports Academy L.L.C” is a leading sports provider for the Early Years. As a company we understand the awesome great leaps that children make between the ages of 2-5. Paying attention to physical literacy (fundamental movement skills such as running, hoping, throwing, catching, and jumping) early in life can support the development of a strong healthy brain and body, giving children the confidence to take part in sport, dance and games, that will last a lifetime. With this in mind we have carefully designed all our Early Years Sports Programmes in line with physical literacy standards.


Ballet Class

Ballet dancers have one thing in common; a love of the grace, beauty and discipline of ballet. Ballet is based on techniques that have been developed over centuries, using music, dance, physical and facial expressions to tell stories. Children will learn posture, alignment, turnout, port de bras and the basics of form and execution of movement.